Secrets of the scalp


Your scalp is typically described as having five layers. You can remember them by this easy acronym.


S = Skin
C = Connective tissue
A = Aponeurosis
L = Loose areolar connective tissue
P = Periosteum

When it comes to scalp nourishment, it is the first three layers that are the most significant. The first layer is the one that contains hair follicles and oil glands-both of which can be easily clogged. Gently scrub your scalp regularly to release clogs.

The second layer is the connective tissue that houses the blood vessels and nerves. To improve blood circulation and encourage healthy hair growth, you should give yourself a regular scalp massage.

The aponeurosis is the third layer a tough layer of dense fibrous tissue that the walls of your blood vessels are firmly attached to, making it a harder place for nutrients to reach.

Some interesting tidbits. Did you know the average human scalp has over 100,000 hairs? At any given time, 10% of your hair is in what we call a "resting phase". Speaking of rest, vacations are good for you-and your hair. Stress can cause hair loss. But don't worry, in most cases stress related hair loss is reversible. And blondes have the maximum number of hairs. Perhaps this is why they have more fun? All in all, the scalp is one of the most fascinating parts of the human body.