Oscar James


Oscar James' philosophy behind hair and style is that healthy hair is shiny and bouncy and isn't about trends. As part of the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR THERAPY™ team, James knows the importance of caring for the scalp and the hair for beautiful, healthy results. Since entering the industry over 15 years ago, he has amassed a client list of supermodels and celebrities such as Iman, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Beyonce and more. His work can be seen on many magazine covers and editorial pages

It was in his hometown of Florence, South Carolina, that this Emmy Award winning stylist began developing an affinity for hairstyling. It wasn't long before he considered the possibility of making it his life's work. Eager to enter the professional world, he attended high school and beauty school simultaneously, graduating with a diploma and a cosmetology license to pursue his dreams.

Having briefly lived in New York as a child, his memories of style and glamour never faded. In 1987, he returned to New York City. Almost immediately, he started working at some of the finest salons and began placing himself in settings that would showcase his styling ability. In no time he met other industry professionals and was soon recommended to work with longtime favorite, Vanessa Williams.

Over a decade later, Oscar continues to travel the world, working with television and film stars, recording artists and more. He remains a defining force in both print and advertising and is still one of the most requested hairstylists in the business. He proudly refers to the highlight of his career as styling Halle Berry's signature 'do for the 74th Annual Academy Awards.