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⾃1975年上市以来,清扬始终秉承着⼀个⽬标:为消费者提供最有效的去 屑解决⽅案。从那以后,我们始终在克服挑战,不断探索。

其他去屑洗发⽔只能冲洗掉头屑,⽽清扬不仅能够去除头⽪屑,还能够提 升头⽪的天然⾃我防御能⼒**,从⽽解决顽固的头屑烦恼* 。

CLEAR's Bio Booster


CLEAR’s revolutionary Bio-booster, is a ground breaking new technology that combines scalp care and skin care.

Enriched with upgraded Guar^^ to enhance distribution of anti-dandruff protection on scalp barrier; CLEAR’s first non-antimicrobial ingredient, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), it can boost your scalp’s natural defence; as well as with Amino Acid, it keeping scalp moisturised and healthy.

With newfound Bio-booster, it ends recurring dandruff concern, boosting your scalp’s fighting power. Unveil a stronger scalp defence^^ with CLEAR.

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清扬懂得,男⼠头⽪与⼥⼠存在着⼀定差异。清扬明⽩不同头⽪需求需要 定制化解决⽅案,清扬研制出世界上第⼀套针对不同性别的去屑洗发⽔。


For Men:
A man’s scalp produces more sebum, having more loss of total protein and lower level of ceramide in their stratum corneum, making the male scalp barrier weaker, which makes it more prone to dandruff. CLEAR Men, formulated with Bio-booster and Taurine, energises your scalp’s self-defence and helps restore the function of your scalp skin barrier.

With its highly effective technology and formulation, CLEAR Men became the World’s No.1 Men’s Shampoo^ in 2009 and has strongly held onto the title ever since.

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For Women:
A woman’s scalp loses more moisture; thus they are more prone to have dry scalp and dry hair. CLEAR Women, formulated with Bio-booster including glycerin, hydrates your scalp and activate your scalp’s self-defence** and end recurring dandruff concern*.

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*no visible flakes with regular use
**Helps restore the function of scalp skin barrier
^Unilever calculation based on Nielsen value/volume sales information for the total grocery market (12 month period ending within June’17 or 12 month period ending within July’17).
^^vs. previous CLEAR