Clear Frozen Peony Anti-dandruff Shampoo



End recurring dandruff & soothes itchy scalp with Peony extract & cooling blast keeping you feeling fresh all day.

Looking for a suitable shampoo that can soothe your itchy scalp? You have found it, with the NEW CLEAR Frozen Peony Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Formulated to fight against dandruff*, this shampoo is effective to end your dandruff worries to get clean, dandruff-free hair. With menthol blast for cooling sensation and Peony flower extract known for soothing properties to help soothe your itchiness on the scalp while micellar formulation with 0% silicone & paraben leaves your hair free from impurities for fresh beautiful hair! End recurring dandruff now. *No visible flakes with regular use. ^Itch assosiated to dandruff. 

1. Apply to wet hair after shampooing
2. Gently massage and leave on for 1-2 minutes
3. Rinse thoroughly with water 

Superior micellar shampoo with 0% silicone & paraben. Infused with anti-dandruff technology, Peony extract known for soothing properties to soothe itchy scalp & menthol blast to leave the cooling sensation on the hair & scalp. It cleanses dirt from pores & remove dandruff*. Micellarformulated shampoo with 0% silicone & paraben will deeply cleanse your hair while feeling lightweight. Free your scalp from dandruff* & impurities for beautiful fresh hair. *No visible flakes with regular use. ^Itch assosiated to dandruff. 
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Boost scalp’s self-defense. End recurring dandruff concern.