Front of shampoo pack Clear Sakura Fresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 170ml
Back of shampoo pack Clear Sakura Fresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 170ml

CLEAR Sakura Fresh Anti-dandruff Shampoo



For refreshing scalp and hair with long lasting Sakura Flower scent``

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Is the humid and hot weather in Malaysia resulting in an oily scalp and greasy hair? Oily scalp can make you prone to dandruff._x000D_
Infused with Sakura Flower Extract, CLEAR Sakura Fresh Shampoo effectively removes dandruff and give your hair a long lasting Sakura flower fragrance._x000D_
CLEAR shampoos are formulated with Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology to activate scalp to remove, resist and prevent* dandruff. End recurring dandruff*, for 100% confidence`._x000D_
*No visible flakes with regular use_x000D_
**Helps restore the function of scalp skin barrier_x000D_
` Based on consumer survey in 2019_x000D_
``Up to 12 hours, based on lab test. _x000D_
***Based on clinical tests, compared with non anti-dandruff shampoo

1.Apply to wet hair & scalp._x000D_
2. Rinse thoroughly._x000D_
3. Repeat if desired._x000D_
4. For best results use everyday._x000D_
5. Avoid contact with eyes._x000D_
6. If eye contact occurs, rinse immediately.

New Clear with Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology, consist of Guar BB18, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Amino Acid, to activate scalp's self defence** to remove, resist and prevent dandruff* End recurring dandruff concern* with CLEAR._x000D_
Sakura Flower Extract gives your hair a refreshing and sophisticated Sakura fragrant up to 12 hours``
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Boost scalp’s self-defense. End recurring dandruff concern.