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Front of shampoo pack CLEAR Micellar Scalp Therapy Hydrating Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
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CLEAR Micellar Scalp Therapy Hydrating Shampoo

Purifies scalp from impurities & dandruff* while nourishing scalp with 100% natural pomegranate extract. Suitable for Dry to Normal scalp & hair.
Looking for the ultimate Micellar shampoo that keeps your scalp free from dandruff* while hydrating your hair? Infused with Micellar formula & 100% pomegranate extract, New Clear Scalp Therapy Micellar Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner deeply cleanse your scalp to remove dandruff* while nourishing your scalp & hair. Enjoy a "deep breath" of fresh hair!
1. Lather on wet hair then gently massage your scalp before rinsing.
2. Rinse thoroughly.
3. Repeat if desired. 
4. For best results, use everyday. 
5. Avoid contact with eyes.
6. If eye contact occurs, rinse immediately.
1st Micellar Scalp Therapy from CLEAR with 0% silicone & parabens. Infused with anti-dandruff technology & 100% natural pomegranate extract to nourish scalp & remove dandruff*. Free your scalp from dandruff* & impurities for weightless fresh hair.