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How resilient are you?

CLEAR believes resilience is the most powerful weapon anyone can have to face down their challenges whatever they might be. Click below to explore Clear's Resilience Bootcamp.

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Why Resilience?

In today's world, resilience is more important than ever, We live under intense scrutiny and are exposed to 24/7 judgement. Such pressure and scrutiny can manifest as social anxiety which is the fear of being judged by others.

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Social anxiety- a rising challenge for all

6 in 10 young people experience social anxiety. Social anxiety holds us back and prevents us from performing at our best. It can cause fears and self-doubts that challenge even the best of us. If you wonder what causes social anxiety, it is often a combination of reasons ranging from genetics to being teased at a young age. However, regardless of the cause, social anxiety can be overcome.

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How do I know if I suffer from social anxiety?

Social anxiety feels different to people in different situations. It isn't just something that we experience in our head, it can affect our entire body. We may feel a tightening in our stomach, or even experience pins and needles when thinking about social situations.

We may also experience a lot of self-doubt. Someone with social anxiety may feel very self-conscious about their actions, or experience shyness when talking to people.

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Resilience- What does it truly mean?

Resilience is our ability to cope with challenges and bounce forward after a setback. However, beyond that, resilience is also about the resources you surround yourself with and knowing you can reach out to them to give you a boost. Nobody can thrive without support from their friends and family- and that's what CLEAR wants you to know. To be resilient, you need to be a both rugged AND resourced, and we will help you get there.

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CLEAR Resilience Bootcamp

Resilience Bootcamp: Digital Programme

CLEAR has partnered with Dr Michael Ungar, co-director of the Resilience Research Center (RRC) at Dalhousie University, to develop a cutting-edge online programme based on the latest science of resilience. This digital bootcamp has scientifically validated diagnostics for you to learn more about how resilient and socially anxious you are. There are also interactive online tools to show you how you can overcome social anxiety and build resilience. This programme is free, click below to access it.

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Resilience Bootcamp: Face-to-face Programme

In collaboration with the Resilience Research Center (RRC), CLEAR has also developed a resilience curriculum for in-person trainings. For example, if you run a university wellbeing center, or a youth group, our curriculum can help your students build resilience. 

The CLEAR Resilience Bootcamp is best suited for multiple face-to-face small group sessions targeted at young people aged 16 to 25. We have guidebooks for facilitators and participants, with exciting interactive activities and informative lessons on resilience to create vibrant workshop sessions. This curriculum is free to download, click below to access it.

Download your participant guidebook (.pdf 11MB)

Download your facilitator guidebook (.pdf 11MB)

Learn about resilience with The Avengers

Watch an exclusive CLEAR x Marvel video comics series featuring your beloved heroes- the Avengers. Even Earth's mightiest heroes experience self-doubts. Follow the story and find out how the Avengers are able to overcome their self-doubts by building resilience like a hero.

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Get Inspired by our CLEAR heroes

Watch our CLEAR heroes share their personal stories about resilience. Check out how they managed to keep a clear head amidst their own personal challenges by being both rugged and resourced.

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