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First-of-its-kind resources to build resilience for individuals and institutions

How To Build Resilience

Learn how to build resilience with the range of resources specially designed for you.

CLEAR has partnered with Dr Michael Ungar, co-director of the Resilience Research Center (RRC) at Dalhousie University, to develop an evidence-based resilience curriculum programme suitable for individuals, educators or even institutions.


14 Days Resilience Challenge resources for individuals

For Individuals 

Follow the 14 Days Resilience Challenge and get equipped with practical tips, tools and exercises so you can build resilience to overcome challenges and self-doubts to perform at your best.

14 Day Resilience Challenge

Dr Philip Jefferies collaborates with CLEAR on 14 Days Resilience Challenge

For Educators, Institutions 

Explore The CLEAR Resilience Bootcamp – designed for educators to conduct face-to-face small group sessions targeted at young people aged 16 to 25. Download the guidebooks below for facilitators and participants, with different lesson modules and exciting interactive activities to help you create a vibrant workshop.

Download facilitators' guidebook
Download participants' guidebook