Dandruff Myths, Busted

Dandruff Myths, Busted

We dig deeper into the myths behind hair loss and dandruff.

  • Dandruff Myths, Busted - Myth 1

    MYTH 1: A Dry Scalp Equals to Dandruff Scalp.


    TRUTH: Just like dandruff, dry scalp affects a ton of people, but note that these two are not the same thing. When your scalp loses too much natural moisture, it gets tight and dry. The tiny, white flakes that fall off it is the most distinguishable symptom of dry scalp - AKA dandruff.

    It’s a possible cause, but definitely not the only culprit for dandruff. The key suspect of your dandruff conundrum is Malassezia, a pesky yeast-like fungus that grows on oily areas of the scalp. The irritants it produces thrive on your scalp’s excess oil, making skin cells shed excessively quickly.

  • Dandruff Myths, Busted - Myth 2

    MYTH 2: Dandruff Leads to Hair Loss.


    HALF-TRUTH: Hair fall can be associated with dandruff, but the blame game is negligible - these conditions are not mutually exclusive.

    Instead, an itchy scalp might make you get all scratchy and lead to breakage of your hair. You might want to look at your diet, stress levels and scalp health instead if you’re worried about thinning hair. Much like plants and its soil, your hair roots are embedded in your scalp, and hence get their nutrition for growth from it. So, get a healthy scalp if you want amazing locks.

    Ginger root, is known to contain gingeral to help reduce hairfall, while its anti-microbial properties help control dandruff. CLEAR Anti-Hairfall Shampoo effectively removes dandruff and strengthens hair from within the scalp to support up to 10X less hairfall^^.

  • Dandruff Myths, Busted - Myth 3

    MYTH 3: Dandruff is Contagious.


    BUSTED: Remember the days when you would, in class, scrutinise the hair of the girl sitting in front of you? Well, the biggest and most well-preserved dandruff myth is in fact a huge fib. Dandruff cannot be passed from one person to another; in fact, the fungus that leads to dandruff is present in everybody’s scalp. That’s right - no one is totally safe from the flaky little monsters.

  • Dandruff Myths, Busted - Myth 4

    MYTH 4: Regular Shampoos Can Get Rid of Dandruff.


    BUSTED: Fancy beauty shampoos tempt you with the promise of gorgeous hair. But if you have dandruff, it takes more than such products to bust it. They give you some satisfaction by washing away dandruff, but removing the excess fungus behind it needs something more.

    You might want to look for an anti-dandruff shampoo, like CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol. It is formulated to restore your scalp’s protective barrier and boost its self-defence power while providing nourishment. It not only cleanses the scalp but also formulated with Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology, CLEAR Shampoo ensures the end of recurring dandruff concern*