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Scalp Care 101 for Her

Scalp Care 101 for Her

Ladies, the best treatment for your scalp starts at home.

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    Keep It Squeaky Clean

    Rewind to your last shower - maybe it was a hasty one,; or maybe you spent most of it lovingly conditioning your hair. If there is one thing we neglect,; it's the scalp. Regularly giving it a good massage and lather (don't get too abrasive!) not only keeps it clean but also reduces clogged pores. Boost your hair wash with a CLEAR shampoo,; which strengthens your scalp's protective barrier and enables its fighting power to ensure it stays pristine and dandruff-free*

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    What's Your Scalp Type?

    You know the in-and-outs of skincare and skin types - apply that knowledge to your scalp. Like skin,; your scalp comes in 3 main kinds: normal,; greasy and dry. As you can't see your scalp,; you may find it tough to identify its type,; which is essential for taking the proper steps to care for it. Need more hydration,; or a solution to rid excess sebum?

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    Brush That Hair

    Ditching the hairbrush for a sexy,; tousled look? We've got news for you: brushing your mane is essential to remove dead skin cells from your scalp and transfer your scalp's oil down the hair shaft to keep locks moisturised. For best results,; give your hair a good comb right before you hop in the shower to get rid of dirt and grime nicely. Finish the routine with CLEAR,; helping replenish protein components which moisturise and nourish your scalp.

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    Delicate From Root to Tip

    Hair is susceptible to breakage,; so you splurge on oils and serums to keep it strong. But your scalp is sensitive to harmful substances which are easily to accumulate and penetrate. When that happens,; say hello to itching,; burning,; redness,; dandruff or tightness! Avoid these nuisances by keeping your scalp replenished with CLEAR shampoo,; which use Bio-booster technology to keep your scalp well-protected and nourished.

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    Don't Ignore the Flakes

    Maybe your dandruff is so minute and unnoticeable that you dismiss it. But it could be an SOS your scalp is sending for a few reasons,; from a poor diet to under-washing. Before you know it,; the flaky issue will elevate into obvious snowstorms on your dress,; and your scalp becomes an inflamed,; scratch-inducing mess. Use CLEAR's shampoos to boost your scalp's protection layer and fighting power,; so you can end recurring dandruff concern*

    *no visible flakes with regular use