The 5 most surprising male scalp secrets

The 5 Most Surprising Male Scalp Secrets

We give you the facts that lie beyond your scalp's surface.

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    Don't Use Your Girlfriend's Shampoo


    Most guys are guilty of just using their better half's choice of shampoo. She obviously knows best... right? The truth is that male scalps are greasier than female ones, and need specialised hair care to deal with their own set of hair and scalp issues. Shampoos from CLEAR Men are specially engineered to perform better* on male scalps, so stop using her stuff and take your scalp's health into your own hands.

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    Scalp Care Means Skin Care


    So, you wash and exfoliate your face religiously. What about your scalp? The patch on your head is an extension of your face, meaning that it has similar issues. Of course, you can't just slap on a face mask - different steps are needed to care for your scalp. CLEAR Men's Shampoo uses Niacinamide, a key ingredient in skin care. It enables your scalp's self-defence power and end recurring dandruff concern#.

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    Dandruff: As Common as the Plague


    Got dandruff? Besides you, more than half of the population are terrorised by the pesky white flakes. Commonly affecting those with dry scalp, dandruff can be busted with the help of CLEAR Men Shampoo, which activates your scalp's natural protection barrier and enables your scalp's self-defence power and end recurring dandruff concern#.

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    Pack on the Protein


    Hair is composed of up to 95% protein, so lacking it will be detrimental. There are, of course, yummy options to get your dose of protein - beef, chicken, eggs and even soy (for the vegetarians!) all help to maintain your hair and scalp's strength by providing nourishment. Next time you have a Turkey leg in hand, remember its ability to make your hair look amazing and take each bite with greater glee.

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    Double the Lather


    Have a bit of extra time in the shower? A super simple yet unrecognised hack to scalp care is to lather it twice in the shower: the first to get rid of excess oils and flakes, and the second to further freshen the scalp by letting more essential nutrients work on it. The result? Scalp that's impeccably clean, and hair that is soft and nourished at the same time.

    *vs. female shampoo

    #refer to no visible flakes with regular use