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Did you know that the man’s scalp barrier is significantly weaker than the woman’s? That's right, the male scalp is proven to have lower levels of ceramides and is more susceptible to protein loss, which means it lacks important components of the scalp barrier. Guys also produce about 50% more sebum, making their scalps more likely to develop excess oil.
To prevent greasy scalp and hair, CLEAR has specially formulated solutions that help you stay fresh while keeping dandruff at bay. Introducing the new Bio-Booster, an groundbreaking technology that combines scalp care and skin care with Guar BB18 to enhance distribution of scalp protection barrier, Niacinamide to enable your scalp's natural defence molecules, as well as Amino Acid to keep your scalp moisturised and healthy. With Bio Booster, your scalp will have a newfound fighting power to help end recurring dandruff for good and give you unbeatable freshness and confidence.

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