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CLEAR Men Legend Shampoo by CR7, 100% made for men

Cristiano Ronaldo Co-creates the Best Ever CLEAR Shampoo for Men

As a living legend ruling the world of football, Cristiano Ronaldo leads a disciplined life of constant training. He trains 4 hours a day and needs a high-performance shampoo to keep his scalp as clear as his mind and as healthy as his body.

When you train as hard as Ronaldo, it’s easy for excess grease to build up and trap dirt. Too much sebum also leads to dandruff, and makes hair look limp. In worst case scenarios, the excess sebum can clog up the hair’s roots, which may lead to excessive hair loss.

That’s why Ronaldo needs the best shampoo for men to keep his scalp in check. Made with men’s unique scalp care issues in mind, CLEAR men shampoo gives a powerful yet revitalizing cleanse that gets rid of sebum without damaging the scalp barrier.

“Clear keeps my hair fresh all day,” says Ronaldo. “There is only one shampoo for me.”[1]

Introducing CLEAR Men Legend Shampoo by CR7

The world’s number 1 men’s anti-dandruff shampoo just got better. Ronaldo sat with us to co-create and stress-test the new CLEAR Men Legend Shampoo by CR7. Designed for men who constantly strive for peak performance, Legend lets you keep a clear head and healthy scalp with handpicked choices from the world’s biggest football hero. Together with CLEAR, Ronaldo helped create the ultimate high-performance shampoo for legends like yourself.

 “I’ve personally selected the design, the scent and texture of CLEAR Legend,” says Ronaldo, who chose a sporty aquatic fragrance, pearlized mica-white liquid gel, and the bottle’s vibrant artwork.


When you are constantly on the go, you need a shampoo that cleans instantly. CLEAR Legend is made for men who styles their hair often and is designed to POWER CLEANSE oil, dandruff, and styling residue on your hair & scalp instantly, so you can get back to conquering your day.


CLEAR Legend is powered by our revolutionary Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology, which combines scalp care and skin care. Upgraded Guar BB18 enhances the distribution of anti-dandruff protection throughout the scalp barrier. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) boosts the scalp’s natural defense, while amino acids keep the scalp moisturized and healthy.

These three ingredients combined end recurring dandruff and boost your scalp’s fighting power.


Ronaldo himself chose Legend’s signature scent. He chose a sporty aquatic aroma with clean citrus notes, underlined with warm woods and musk. The result is a refreshing fine 8 Hour long-lasting fragrance that lingers on your strands.


CLEAR Men Legend CR7 contains sea salt, which has several deep cleansing benefits for the scalp and hair. Sea salt has minerals like potassium, magnesium, and sodium which improves overall texture and volume. It’s also a natural exfoliator that helps remove grease, product build-up, and chemical build-up on the scalp.[2]


CLEAR understands that the male scalp barrier is weaker, which makes it more prone to dandruff. Seeing the need for a customized solution, CLEAR created the world’s first dual-gender anti-dandruff shampoo. CLEAR knows that men who styles their hair often

CLEAR Legend Shampoo by CR7, now in Malaysia

Get what you need to support your active & stylish lifestyle. Use the shampoo made by a legend, for legends.

CLEAR Legend Shampoo by CR7 is now available at leading Health & Beauty stores, supermarkets, and E-Commerce sites in Malaysia.



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