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How to Get Rid of Scalp Redness Effectively

Scalp Care

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Our scalp is the part on our head that is rich in blood vessels and composed of several layers – the outermost layer is known as skin. This important part of our body contains many sebaceous glands, which produce oil or sebum that protects our hair. The scalp requires the right treatment and care so it will be protected from bacteria or fungus that might cause symptoms like scalp irritation or itchiness. 

Have you ever felt small bumps on your scalp that are warm and painful to touch? These are some signs that your scalp is red, irritated, and inflamed.

Scalp redness can appear as an irritated patch or can form small bumps which may feel hot to touch, itchy, or even sore. It can happen to people of any age and gender. Research shows that an untreated condition can lead to infections and may weaken the scalp and even result in weaker hair.


Scalp Redness Causes

One of the most common causes of scalp redness is dandruff. It can also be triggered by other factors such as poor hygiene, hormonal fluctuations, stress, genetics, pollution, and a poor diet. Here are some examples of our daily activities that might trigger scalp redness: 

* Excessive use of styling products such as hair gel, mousse, or dry shampoo, which can cause build-up on the scalp. 

* Not washing the scalp and hair thoroughly to slough off build-up and dirt.

* Waiting too long to wash one's hair after a sweaty workout or prolonged exposure to heat.

* Wearing a hat or scarf on one's head for prolonged periods of time which can trap irritants leading to an itchy scalp.

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How Can We Prevent It?

Properly washing your hair at the end of the day, particularly after being exposed to heat and pollution or sweat from exercising, is important when it comes to preventing scalp redness. For this, a mentholated shampoo bolstered with glycerine and niacinamide is great for sloughing off sweat, dirt, and any build-up. Moreover, it leaves the scalp feeling fresh and soothed. 

As a moisturising agent, glycerine can deeply penetrate into the scalp at the epidermal level, whilst niacinamide enables the scalp to actively defend against dandruff. Men can opt to wash with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol, whilst ladies can get a fresh, tingly sensation of good hair health, whenever they use  CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol. To get the best results, pair it with CLEAR Conditioner which nourishes the scalp and hair with its gentle formula. 

Likewise, steering clear of stress helps in preventing scalp redness and similar troublesome conditions. A good diet filled with nutrients such as vitamins A, D, and E also helps to keep the scalp healthy.