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Does Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Work?

Anti Hair Fall

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Discover the main benefits of using a hair loss shampoo.

Sudden hair fall can be alarming and if you do find yourself losing your hair quickly, you might wonder whether you should add anti hair fall shampoo to your daily styling routine. But do anti hair fall shampoos really work? While there is no such thing as a miracle cure, using a shampoo to prevent hair fall* can improve the health of your scalp and hair in the long run. 

Below we detail all the benefits that come with using an anti-hair fall* shampoo and how you can reap them.

Top 5 Benefits of Anti Hair Fall* Shampoo

  • 1

Great for Nourishing and Revitalising Your Scalp

Healthy hair starts with the scalp, and when you're struggling with hair fall, you need to make sure to take extra of the hair you have. It is essential for your scalp to be clean, clear, and consistently maintained to help encourage hair growth.

By using a hair fall* shampoo, like the CLEAR Men Anti-Hair Fall Anti-dandruff shampoo, you'll be able to keep your scalp nourished and revitalised, creating the best environment for hair to thrive in.

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Specially Formulated to Fight Hair Fall

Want to know what makes anti hair fall shampoos so unique? Their special formulations, of course. Most of them are infused with scalp energizing ingredients like coffee and taurine, which work in tandem to slow down the process of hair fall.

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Strengthens Hair and Supports Hair Growth

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It's important to remember that a shampoo for anti hair loss* won't necessarily reverse the process but will help improve the hair on your head and your scalp's condition. 

If you keep up a good hair routine and use the right products for anti hair fall, you'll be doing your scalp a favour by helping strengthen it and therefore, supporting its hair growth.

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Helps Hair Look Thicker and Fuller

We all want thick, luscious-looking hair. So if you're experiencing hair fall you may notice your overall head of hair looking thinner and less bouncy. The good news is that an anti hair fall* shampoo can help make your hair appear thicker and fuller, giving you the confidence boost you need to take on your day in style.

  • 5

Easy to Use

If your aim to is prevent hair fall, adding a Clear shampoo to reduce hair fall* to your hair routine is the best place to start. Like any other shampoo, a hair loss one is easy to use and hardworking.

All you need to do is apply the shampoo to your scalp, gently massage it in and rinse thoroughly! See? Easy.

If you still don't notice a difference in your hair fall, we suggest you visit a doctor as there may be underlying issues that are causing this. 


*against breakage