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Oily scalp: Causes and treatments


Here’s the scoop on how to get rid of that grease for good.

If you suffer from dandruff, chances are that you’ve tried using an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Some anti-dandruff products work to help with oil control, but many of them also aim to manage a dry scalp. Find out if your dandruff stems from having a greasy mop and discover how you can really remedy it.

Oily Scalp Origins

Oil doesn’t always mean bad news. Sebum, the natural oil produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands, acts as a layer of protection to keep the scalp from losing moisture and drying out. But too much sebum can leave your scalp and hair greasy, which can break you out in dandruff. In addition, the fungus Malassezia can thrive on oily areas of the scalp when its irritants penetrate the weakened scalp barrier, worsening your dandruff symptoms.

Oily scalp: Causes and treatments - Origins
Oily scalp: Causes and treatments - Gone with grease

Gone With the Excess Grease

If you’re a dude reading this, you won’t be too thrilled to know that you have a higher chance of developing an oily scalp, as male scalps have been proven to produce up to 60% more sebum than female ones. That makes you more susceptible to conditions like dandruff, itchiness^ and greasy hair.

It is more important to find an anti-dandruff shampoo specifically formulated for your scalp’s needs. A good shampoo for oily scalps is CLEAR Men Deep Cleanse Shampoo, which is specially created to effectively remove the excess of your scalp’s sebum deeply and boost your scalp’s protective barrier and fighting power to end recurring dandruff concern*, all while leaving it clean and fresh.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Think you might be susceptible to oily scalp? Regularly using a good anti-dandruff shampoo can keep this worry at bay. You can start with CLEAR Men Deep Cleanse Shampoo, which removes oil from scalp pores to help restore the scalp's natural balance while boosting your scalp’s fighting power, ending recurring dandruff concern* and leaving you feeling clean and fresh.

Take special care when lathering shampoo into your hair and avoid scrubbing too much into your scalp, which can be counter-effective and make your scalp scratched and damaged. Rinse shampoo off thoroughly.

Oily scalp: Causes and treatments - Prevention
Oily scalp: Causes and treatments

Got our tips on hand? You're on your way to saying goodbye to a greasy scalp and dandruff concerns and start facing the world with your own brand of confidence. If your scalp continues to show severe signs of oiliness and dandruff after self-care, do consult a professional for advice.

^associated with dandruff
*no visible flakes with regular use