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How to maintain a healthy scalp

To help keep your scalp healthy, follow these expert tips.

Scalp Care

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There’s something you should know: a healthy scalp is the secret to great hair. And, if your scalp isn’t being cared for, it can impact the look and feel of your hair, slow growth rate, and make you vulnerable to scalp problems. The good news? You can prevent all this from happening with a simple scalp care routine.


7 Easy Ways to Get a Healthy Scalp

From eating the right foods to treating your scalp to a massage, read on to discover the 7 steps you should take to make sure your hair, scalp, and style is in tip-top condition.

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Step 1. Eat Right

To maintain a healthy scalp, you need to first make sure to eat the right sort of foods and cut back on processed foods and sugars. A well-balanced diet rich in fruits, proteins, and vegetables will give your scalp the necessary nutrients it needs to thrive. Guess what? Your hair will also reap the benefits and look and feel healthier, too. 

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Step 2. Try Exercising

If you’ve got that #fitspiration lifestyle going, here’s one more perk to working out: it promotes healthy-looking hair growth by increasing the flow of beneficial nutrients to your scalp. Guess it’s worth doing those extra ten sets, right?

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Step 3. Shampoo Regularly 

Cleansing is one of the most important parts of scalp care, especially when you’re dealing with conditions like dandruff or an itchy scalp. A clean scalp creates a healthy environment for hair to grow in, so you need to use a scalp shampoo to help wash away debris to maintain a clear scalp and hair.

A word of caution: not all shampoos are the same. Whether you’re dealing with dry dandruff or oily scalp dandruff, try an anti-dandruff shampoo that will clarify your scalp to eliminates flakes* and excess sebum.

Taking the time to find the right hair products for your scalp needs will inform your hair care routine and make it that much easier for you to get healthy, amazing hair.

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Step 4. Always Moisturize

The next step in a good scalp care routine? Moisturizing, of course. This step is vital because it helps prevent dryness while also strengthening your scalp’s protective barrier. Whether you follow up your shampoo session with a nourishing conditioner, hair mask or scalp oil is all up to you. But one thing’s for sure: your scalp and hair will thank you in the long run.

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Step 5. Watch the Temperature

Nothing beats getting into a hot, steamy shower at the end of a long day. But watch out when you turn up the heat as rinsing with overly hot water can damage your scalp. This, along with excessive blow drying, makes your scalp in a weaker condition, leaving it dry and feeling tight. Instead, shower in lukewarm water to maintain a healthy scalp.

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Step 6. Treat Your Scalp to a Massage

A head massage improves blood circulation, which carries essential nutrients to the scalp and removes away wastes. It even helps distribute your natural scalp oils to the rest of your locks, for a healthy scalp and healthy-looking hair. Added bonus: it’s super relaxing!

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Step 7. Protect Your Scalp from The Sun

We all take special care to shield our face and body from UV rays with sunscreen and SPF. But what about your scalp? This neglected area of skin needs just as much protection from the sun, so keep your scalp covered with a cap or hat to prevent it from prolonged sun-damage.

These are the best tips to follow to maintain a healthy scalp! Making these small changes to your daily routine will help you achieve your hair goals sooner.

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