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5 steps to get rid of dandruff

5 steps to get rid of dandruff

Eliminate those pesky white flakes by following our simple tips.

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5 steps to get rid of dandruff

If you’ve been noticing little white flakes all over your shirt for a while, here’s some news: you have dandruff, and it probably won’t go away anytime soon. Luckily for you, we’ve got five handy tips for you to not just eliminate dandruff, but to keep it from ever coming back. Read on to know how to get your scalp in the clear.

1. Know What Causes Dandruff

Know thy enemy before you attack. Dandruff is caused by a whole array of factors, so it’s important to know where yours is coming from before treating it. The build-up of Malassezia, a yeast-like fungus that thrives on oily scalp areas, is one of the most common causes of dandruff. When the scalp is unhealthy, it’s natural defences are compromised, and irritants produced by Malassezia penetrate the scalp barrier, causing it to produce and shed more skin cells than usual. These skin cells translate into white flakes falling from your scalp, also known as dandruff.

5 steps to get rid of dandruff - Causes of dandruff
5 steps to get rid of dandruff - Hydrate your scalp


Do you drink at least eight glasses of water daily? Being dehydrated can lead to a dry scalp, which can worsen dandruff symptoms like itching and flaking. Aside from increasing your H2O intake to replenish lost moisture, make sure you wear hats or use an umbrella on sunny days to avoid the heat from drying out your scalp. Over-styling your hair can also lead to dryness, so minimise the use of hairdryers, curling irons and straighteners to avoid damage.


To keep your locks shiny and moisturised, your scalp produces sebum, a natural oil designed by your body as a layer of protection that keeps the scalp hydrated. But too much of anything is never good - excess sebum can result in greasy hair, leading to dandruff.

Maintaining sebum levels can be done by minimising the use of hair styling products, and ensuring that you thoroughly rinse your hair after shampooing. This removes the build-up of residue that aggravates further oiliness, which can give your hair an unwanted greasy and dirty look.

5 steps to get rid of dandruff - Rid excess oils
5 steps to get rid of dandruff - Natural remedies


Your kitchen could just be the lab needed to put together a solution for dandruff. Natural remedies can be surprisingly effective, such as an apple cider vinegar rinse which reduces the amount of microbes on your scalp. For a more convenient and professionally-created fix, you could try CLEAR’s Naturals range, it is inspired by ginger, kiwi, green tea and chia seed which is known for providing anti-oxidants, essential vitamins to boost the scalp’s fighting power naturally.


This may seem like the most obvious step to take, but it is essential to note that many people often pick the wrong kind of anti-dandruff product and fail to ease their problems.

For an effective, all over anti-dandruff treatment, try using CLEAR Shampoo, which is specially formulated with Bio-Booster, ending recurring dandruff concern*. With regular use, the shampoo works to defeat recurring dandruff concern* while nourishing your hair, leaving it soft, healthy-looking and flake-free*.

5 steps to get rid of dandruff - Use anti-dandruff shampoo

Take these five simple steps, starting from today, and you’ll quickly find yourself free from the clutches of dandruff concern* and ready to face the world with nothing to hide.

*no visible flakes with regular use