The women's guide to scalp care

The Women's Guide to Scalp Care

Ladies, your scalp care regime starts here.

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    The Root of Beautiful Hair


    You guessed it: your hair's look stems from your scalp's health. Hair's natural nourishment is derived 99% from your scalp, but we may neglect scalp’s importance during daily wash. On your next shopping trip, grab a bottle of shampoo that targets your scalp, such as one from CLEAR’s range of products which keep your scalp nourished and dandruff-free*. Trust us, you'll be getting compliments on those lovely locks at your next ladies' night out.

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    Get Your Daily Rinse


    Busy ladies, we know you skip a hair wash every now and then, especially when you’re too tired to dry your hair before bed. However, our scalps accumulate a considerable amount of dirt and grease in just a day, especially under humid climates. If you don’t want to be plagued by dandruff, be sure to wash your hair once a day to stay fresh, clean and confident.

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    Diet Planning for Your Hair


    The saying goes: You are what you eat. Your hair is an extension of you, so keep your diet in check to maintain a beautiful mane. Don't go to town with crash dieting, instead you should eat fresh fruits, green vegetables and milk which are essential nutrition for healthy scalp and hair. So get a regular dose for a well-balanced diet and those locks will be the talk of the town in no time.

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    Sun's Out


    We women have more delicate skin, and take special care to keep it looking pristine, particularly with sunscreen and UV protection. But we often forget that scalp is skin too, and leave it exposed to the scorching sun which can cause severe damage quick. Have an umbrella or sunhat handy on a bright day, as you protect both your precious skin and scalp at once.