The best foods for your hair and scalp

The Best Foods for Your Hair and Scalp

The diet that gives you beautiful hair and scalp.

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    Everyone wants that 6-pack summer abs. Dieting can help you lose that spare tyre or bulk up some extra muscle, but going too far and skimping on foods with essential nutrients can be detrimental to your scalp and hair. Consult a professional to ensure you get a well-balanced diet suited to your needs.

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    An apple a day keeps the doctor away and bad hair at bay. Fresh fruits contain anti-oxidants that nourish your scalp. Citrus fruits have the added bonus of vitamin C, which help protect hair against damage and keep it nourished. Have a serving of fruits daily to make your scalp healthy and get healthy-looking hair.

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    The versatile fungus is an ingredient that even the biggest meat lover can't resist. Who knew it could get better by being packed with essential minerals like zinc and copper? These work to give your scalp the nutrients it needs to generate a healthy-looking and beautiful head of hair.

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    We all know leafy green vegetables are nutritious. As a source of Vitamins A and C, these crunchy fellows do wonders to your hair and scalp too. Packed with added iron and fibre, spinach is especially great for your scalp. These beneficial nutrients help generate a healthy amount of sebum to keep your scalp free from feeling dry and flaky.

  • fresh fruits



    Surprise, surprise! Meat lovers can rejoice, as lean red meat is one of the best foods for your hair. It contains iron, which helps your hair follicles maintains good health as well as promote hair growth. The iron also enables other nutrients to be more easily absorbed by your hair. A beautiful piece of steak benefits more than your taste buds - each bite brings you closer to a healthy scalp and strong hair.