Scalp Care 101 for Her


Ladies, the best treatment for your scalp starts at home.

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    Keep It Squeaky Clean


    Rewind to your last shower - maybe it was a hasty one, or maybe you spent most of it lovingly conditioning your hair. If there is one thing we neglect, it's the scalp. Regularly giving it a good massage and lather (don't get too abrasive!) not only keeps it clean but also reduces clogged pores. Boost your hair wash with a CLEAR shampoo, which strengthens your scalp's protective barrier and enables its fighting power to ensure it stays pristine and dandruff-free*.

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    What's Your Scalp Type?


    You know the in-and-outs of skincare and skin types - apply that knowledge to your scalp. Like skin, your scalp may be dry or greasy. As you can't see your scalp, you may find it tough to identify its type, which is essential for taking the proper steps to care for it. Need more hydration, or a solution to rid excess sebum?

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    Brush That Hair


    Ditching the hairbrush for a sexy, tousled look? We've got news for you: brushing your mane is essential to remove dead skin cells from your scalp and transfer your scalp's oil down the hair shaft to keep locks moisturised. For best results, give your hair a good comb right before you hop in the shower to get rid of dirt and grime nicely. Finish the routine with CLEAR Shampoo, helping replenish protein components which moisturise and nourish your scalp.

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    Delicate From Root to Tip


    Hair is susceptible to breakage, so you splurge on oils and serums to keep it strong. But your scalp is sensitive to harmful substances which are easy to accumulate and penetrate. When that happens, say hello to itching, dandruff or tightness! Avoid these nuisances by keeping your scalp replenished with CLEAR shampoo, which uses Triple Anti-Dandruff technology to keep your scalp well-protected and nourished.

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    Don't Ignore the Flakes


    Maybe your dandruff is so minute and unnoticeable that you dismiss it. But it could be an SOS your scalp is sending for a few reasons, from a poor diet to under-washing. Before you know it, the flaky issue will elevate into obvious snowstorms on your dress, and your scalp becomes itchy, scratch-inducing mess. Use CLEAR's shampoos to boost your scalp's protection layer and fighting power, so you can end recurring dandruff concern*