Front of Shampoo pack Strong Growth Shampoo 90ml
Back of Shampoo pack Strong Growth Shampoo 90ml

Strong Growth Shampoo



Nourishes scalp & restores damaged hair in 7 days, for stronger, smoother hair#. 

Excessive chemical treatment causes your hair to become dull, frizzy, or laden with split ends. Also, frequent heat and chemical treatment can damage your hair and dry your scalp, which may result in dandruff.

Infused with Keratin, CLEAR Growth and Strength Shampoo removes dandruff, deeply nourishes your scalp^ and improves damaged hair with strength and smoothness in 7 days.


Formulated with Bio-booster, CLEAR Growth and Strength Shampoo effectively ends recurring dandruff concerns*, while restoring a healthy scalp** and stronger, smoother# hair. 

1.Apply to wet hair & scalp.2. Rinse thoroughly.3. Repeat if desired.4. For best results use everyday.5. Avoid contact with eyes.6. If eye contact occurs, rinse immediately. 

New Clear with Bio-Booster including Vitamin B3, and Amino Acid. Activate scalp's self defence**. End recurring dandruff concern*. 

Keratin is an essential protein that rebuilds damaged hair strands and reduces tangles, frizz and breakage.