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Common Causes of Oily Hair

Common Causes of Oily Hair

There’s nothing worse than having oily hair when all you want to have is a good hair day. Though we know it’s natural, it often signals the need for another wash. However, it also leaves us wondering about its causes since the time of its onset varies from one person to another. It’s best to find out what causes oily hair to be able to find the right remedies.

1. Touching your hair too much

When your hair is soft and smooth, it’s always tempting to touch it and feel it every time. Unfortunately, this only removes the shine and luster from your tresses and contributes to oily hair. Your hands have dirt, and, with the oils present in it, these are transferred onto your scalp.

2. Over-conditioning

We admire the benefits that conditioners bring to our hair. But as they say, do everything in moderation, including your conditioner. You know you’ve over-conditioned if your hair starts to feel too limp and soft, or when it’s too heavy and weighed down. Also, focus applying conditioner on the ends of your hair and not on the roots.

3. Dirty pillowcase

You might not have paid a lot of attention to you beddings lately, and this might be causing your oily hair. Your pillow case, most especially, is where all your hair’s dirt is transferred at the end of the day when you skip taking a shower before going to bed. If you don’t wash your hair at night, make sure to change your pillowcase more often.

4. Unhealthy diet

You are what you eat, or better yet, your hair is what you eat. And if your diet consists more of omega-6 fatty acids instead of omega-3 fatty acids, you could likely suffer from oily hair. Remember, a balanced diet is crucial to good overall health including hair health.

5. Hairstyle matters

Hairstyling involves touching and manipulating your hair, which is something we cannot avoid. However, too much blow drying and hair straightening can cause oily hair too. Instead of setting your blow dryer at a high temperature, opt for cooler settings because heat induces oil production.

Knowing the causes of oily hair can help you keep your hair healthy.