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Common Causes of Oily Hair

Anti-grease Care: Common Causes Of Oily Hair

Anti-grease Care

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Most people are aware that they have oily hair, but not all of them know that this is one of the common causes of dandruff. Aside from it being embarrassing at times, it is also uncomfortable especially when you’re out on a humid day.  Unfortunately, it’s not just all about giving your hair another wash. What’s most important is finding what commonly causes oily hair and applying a good anti-grease care.

1. Touching your hair too much

Soft and smooth hair is tempting to touch, but your hands have oil and dirt (even those that you cannot see) that can remove shine and luster from your hair. These are transferred from your hands to your hair, making your hair oily and the perfect breeding ground for dandruff-causing bacteria. 

2. Over-conditioning

Aside from using anti dandruff shampoo, hair conditioners make for shiny, smooth, healthy and dandruff-free hair. However, over-conditioning your mane can make your hair too limp and soft or too heavy and weighed down. So, aside from using your conditioner in moderation, get better results by applying it more on the ends of your hair instead of in the roots.

3. Dirty pillowcase

Another culprit of oily hair is not paying attention to your beddings. Imagine all the dust, oil, and dirt that have accumulated in your hair throughout the day transferring to your pillowcase if you skip taking a shower before going to bed. If you can’t wash your hair at night, don’t just jump into unchanged beddings. A good anti-grease care is to change your pillowcase more often. 

4. Unhealthy diet

A healthy diet is essential for healthy skin and hair. As they say, you are what you eat. Better yet, your hair is what you eat. So, if you consume more Omega-6 fatty acids than Omega-3 fatty acids, you risk suffering from oily hair. Always keep a balanced diet for healthy hair. 

5. Hairstyle matters

It’s nice to change our hairstyle every now and then, which usually involves blowdrying and hair straightening. Unfortunately, these are two common causes of oily hair because heat induces oil production. A good anti-grease care tip is to limit these processes as much as possible. However, if you can’t do away with it, make sure to set the temperature at cooler temps. 

Now that you know what causes oily hair, follow the easy anti-grease care tips for healthier hair and use CLEAR shampoo.