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CLEAR Nourishment


Moisture and nutrients are essential for your scalp to prevent dryness and flaking. That's why the CLEAR nourishing shampoo range utilizes beneficial vitamins to provide your scalp with the hydration and nutrients it needs to remain healthy and dandruff-free.

Aside from getting these nutrients from your diet, CLEAR’s range of shampoo also utilize beneficial nutrients and vitamins to give you healthy scalp and hair. Introducing the new Bio-Booster, an unbeatable technology that combines scalp and skin care with Guar BB18 to enhance distribution of the scalp’s protective barrier, Niacinamide, to enable your scalp's natural defense molecules. It also has Amino Acid as a scalp moisturizer. With Bio-Booster, your scalp will have a newfound fighting power to end recurring dandruff for good, and you’ll be on your way to regain your beautiful hair and confidence with the best hydrating shampoo.

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