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How to Achieve Healthy Scalp

How to Achieve Healthy Scalp?

Have you always wanted to achieve healthy scalp? Don’t worry because you’re among the millions who desire that. You may have tried a lot of products that promise to nurture your scalp—many of which have failed. You should probably know first how a healthy scalp looks like in order to determine the areas of your hair care routine that need to improve.

How does healthy scalp look like?

Generally speaking, healthy scalp should be flake-free and not greasy. If you have dandruff and other flaking as well as oily hair, you need to adapt the right practices to eliminate them. Your hair’s shedding should remain at more or less a hundred strands a day, and your scalp should not feel itchy or tight because that is a sign of a dry scalp.

How to achieve healthy scalp

Now, let’s see how you can achieve healthy scalp.

1. Stop tugging and pulling your hair

Women should refrain from making a tight ponytail because it can cause trauma to the hair follicles and induces hair fall. When combing wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb to untangle the strands or, better yet, skip combing wet hair because it is at its most vulnerable when wet.

2. Choose shampoo that suits your hair type

Different shampoo brands target different hair types—for fine, dry, straight, and frizzy or for dandruff. It’s important to know your hair type and choose the shampoo that addresses the issues commonly associated with your hair type. For instance, use oily-hair shampoo for oily hair, anti-dandruff shampoo for dandruff problems, and a deep cleansing shampoo if you frequently use hairstyling products. CLEAR Shampoo Complete Soft Care replenishes protein components and nourishes scalp to give you healthy looking, beautiful hair with nothing to hide.

3. Treat your hair to a scalp massage

Want healthy scalp? Give it a weekly scalp massage. It doesn’t just promote blood circulation but also helps thicken hair. Massage your scalp for four minutes each week, and you’ll start to see individual strands growing thicker.

Achieving healthy scalp doesn’t have to be expensive.