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How to Keep a Healthy Scalp

Anti Dandruff

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To have healthy hair, you first need to have a healthy scalp. An unhealthy scalp can impact your hair’s growth and its overall feel and make it more prone to problems. But fret not because there are many ways to maintain a healthy scalp, including keeping a simple scalp care routine.

How to Get a Healthy Scalp

You’ll be surprised to find out these easy tricks to achieving a healthy scalp.

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If you’ve skipped exercising for a healthy body, try doing so for a healthy scalp. Why? Because exercising can help transport the necessary nutrients to your scalp. So, it’s wise to start a simple workout routine today even while staying at home.

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Eat right

The food you eat has everything to do with your hair. Just as your doctor advises, cut back on processed foods and sugar and pack up on fruits and vegetables that give your hair the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. With a healthy, well-balanced diet, you will grow shinier and softer hair. 

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Use shampoo regularly

You can never go wrong with a good shampoo because it cleanses your scalp and removes dirt, grime, and buildup. A clean scalp provides a healthy environment for healthy hair to grow in. However, be mindful when choosing your shampoo and go for an anti dandruff shampoo that eliminates flakes and sebum like CLEAR shampoo. 

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Include moisturization in your routine

Another good part of your hair care routine should be moisturization. While your shampoo can wash away dirt, it can also wash away your scalp’s natural oils called sebum. So, add in a moisturizing conditioner or hair mask to your arsenal and be on your way to shiny and soft hair. 

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Wash with lukewarm or cool water

Enjoy hot showers at the end of the day? That’s good for your body but maybe not for your hair. Hot water can damage your hair’s cuticles and give you frizzy hair. Aside from that, heat-styling can also cause your hair and scalp to feel dry and tight. So, when using your blow dryer, put it to the lowest heat setting and save your tresses. 

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Give your scalp a massage

Just as a body massage is good for the body, a scalp massage is also great for your scalp. It encourages blood circulation and effectively removes dead skin cells while letting you relax.

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Protect your scalp from the sun’s rays

You apply sunscreen on your skin but not on your hair, which is also an extension of your skin. If you don’t have any SPF, bring an umbrella or wear a hat or scarf when staying under the sun. Your scalp and hair will be thankful to you.

Now, make sure to follow these simple tips and achieve a healthy scalp. 

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