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repair damaged hair

How to Repair Damaged Hair in Three Easy Ways

Damaged Hair Care

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A healthy and clean scalp is the foundation of beautiful, healthy-looking hair. Nourishing the scalp doesn’t only help fight dandruff, but it also helps you achieve healthy scalp and gives you smoother and more manageable hair. When your scalp is unhealthy or weak, hair tends to be rough, brittle, and dull. Even new hair strands that grow from an unhealthy scalp appear damaged. Therefore, improving scalp health is key in treating and preventing damaged hair. Here are three easy ways to do it.

1. Give Your Hair a Breather from Styling

While trying out new hairstyles and products can be fun and exciting, constant use of colorants, bleaches, as well as styling products such as hairspray and heat protectant can make hair dry and brittle and lead to parched scalp.

Frequent application of chemical straighteners or curling solutions can also considerably weaken the hair shaft. In addition, blow-drying one’s hair or using other styling tools such as heated curling irons will remove water in hair that might cause irritation to one’s scalp. Even pulling back one’s hair too tightly with elastic hair ties can lead to breakage and hair fall.

To limit further damage, give your hair a break from styling products for a while – from a few days without blow-drying or tonging to a few months between coloring sessions – to let it rest and heal. Also, one should go easy on exposing hair to the sun by wearing a hat or scarf when going outdoors.

If excessive chemicals from hair dyes or other damaging hair products are the cause of damage to your hair, use CLEAR Women Complete Care Shampoo to help restore your scalp’s condition and achieve stronger scalp defense. It’s been proven effective in treating various scalp conditions like dandruff and scalp irritation. CLEAR hair care will not only cleanse your hair, but it will also get rid of product buildup on your scalp, help replenish hair’s nutrients, and moisturize your hair

protect hair against air pollution

2. Protect Hair Against Pollution

Pollution has negative effects on the way our hair looks and feels. Some research shows that pollution can make dandruff worse. Pollutants can penetrate deep into the scalp and perturb the scalp barrier. It can lead to the skin becoming irritated, making it more prone to flaking.

If your hair is in constant exposure to pollutants, dirt, and other forms of environmental stressors, we recommend using CLEAR active shampoo. Apart from having Triple Anti Dandruff technology to combat your dandruff problems, it’s also infused with amino acids to provide deep nourishment for dry and damaged hair and scalp. It keeps frequently washed hair lush and lustrous and helps soothe scalp and maintain their natural protective oils as well.

3. Give Hair Extra Care and Improve Washing Habits

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Your hair could benefit a great deal from some tender loving care that goes beyond just washing and styling. Deep-conditioning treatments and deep cleanse shampoo done once a week help in keeping hair soft and supple and the scalp properly moisturized. You can even try some DIY hair masks in the comfort of your home.

At the same time, being more conscious about the ingredients of your shampoo and conditioners goes a long way as you become more aware of any sensitivities that your skin may have.

Keeping your hair clean on a regular basis is a good habit to have, but one’s choice of shampoo and conditioner may also have a direct impact on hair’s healthy look. While it’s tempting to use shampoo with exotic fragrances, always consider your hair type when choosing items for your wash routine. Be sure to double-check the label and see if the product was developed by experts who have tailored the products to specific hair types and scalp conditions.