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How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair

The Anti-grease Care Your Hair Will Love

Anti-grease Care

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Greasy hair is common, which is caused by overactive sebaceous glands that produce too much sebum. Though sebum has numerous benefits for the hair like keeping it lustrous, shiny, soft, and moisturized, too much of it can lead to greasy hair and scalp. Moreover, it is also the common cause of dandruff. It can be caused by different factors like unhealthy eating habits, heredity, medications, and improper hair care. Nonetheless, it should be treated to achieve healthy, grease-free, and dandruff-free hair. Here are some anti-grease care tips your hair will love.

1. Stop touching your hair too often

Admittedly, touching our hair when it’s soft is tempting. However, this transfers oil and dirt from your hand to your hair, removing your strands’ healthy shine.

2. Don’t over-wash

If you have greasy hair, the most common anti-grease care you could probably think of would be to wash it more often. However, this isn’t going to work because over-washing strips the hair of its natural oils, prompting the sebaceous glands to only produce more sebum to replace lost ones. When washing, try using an herbal anti dandruff shampoo that is mild on your hair and scalp.

3. Condition your hair the right way

We all love putting conditioner on our hair because it gives it a soft finish. However, do make sure to use one that suits your hair type if you don’t want your product to weigh your hair down. And if you don’t rinse it completely, it’s going to be another cause of greasy hair. Stick to putting it at the ends of your hair to avoid oily roots.

4. No to over-brushing

Making 100 brush strokes at bedtime may be a hair care tip that’s been passed on from generation to generation in your family. Unfortunately, it might not be a totally good anti-grease care tip because brushing the hair can stimulate the production of oil in the scalp, leading to greasy hair.

5. Keep a clean hairbrush

Having a hair brush that looks clean is not enough. Make sure to wash your hairbrush regularly; after all, it’s where all your stale hairstyling products go. These are then transferred to your hair with every brush stroke.

6. Use the right shampoo

Use shampoo that’s specifically formulated for greasy hair if this is your problem. CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol shampoo for men provides an intense cooling power that keeps hair fresh all day.

Follow these anti-grease care tips and say hello to lovely, shiny hair.