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Dry Scalp Causing Dandruff? Here’s What You Should Know

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5 Signs You Have a Dry Scalp or Dandruff

Getting rid of dandruff can be done in various ways. Simple cases can be treated with a dandruff remedy or shampoo at home, while more serious ones require an appointment with your doctor. This is simply because there are different factors that can cause flaky scalp. And one of them is a dry scalp.

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Flaky skin on the scalp

If you have excessive flaking, that could be a symptom of dandruff. Having a dandruff scalp produces visible flakes. Fortunately, you can treat it with anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner to moisturize the scalp and prevent further flaking. 

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Does your scalp feel itchy and tight? This is a common symptom of a dry scalp. It means it is not able to receive enough moisture and may lead to scalp irritation if left untreated. Aside from using a hair dandruff treatment, you should also steer clear from activities that can dehydrate your scalp. These include overwashing, heat styling, and frequent chemical hair treatments. You can also use hair moisturizing products to keep your scalp hydrated. 

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Itchy scalp

When your scalp is dry, it will feel tight and itchy. Oftentimes, the itchy feeling can be hard to resist, leading you to scratch your scalp hard and cause irritation and redness. So, instead of aggravating the itch, it’s best to use a scalp treatment for dandruff like CLEAR shampoo. 

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Dry skin

People who suffer from dry skin in other parts of their body such as their arms and legs are also more prone to suffer from dry scalp. You can see your doctor to determine the cause of the dryness and seek a remedy for it. 

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Weather changes

You may not have given it much attention but weather changes can actually cause dry scalp. Whether it's cold, dry weather or hot, humid weather, it can impact your scalp too. Any sudden changes can cause dry scalp, so make sure to moisturize your hair regularly.


With this new information, make sure to address dry scalp now. Use CLEAR shampoo.