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Maintain Clean Scalp and Hair

Maintain Clean Scalp and Hair with These Good Hygiene Practices

Clean Scalp

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Clean scalp leads to healthy hair. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to maintain good hygiene practices to achieve it. You may not realize it, but you may be doing things that are not helping you maintain clean scalp and hair, especially with pollution and dirt getting trapped in your hair. Let us give you several good hygiene practices that you should develop. 

1. Wash your hair regularly

So, how often should you wash your hair? This depends on your lifestyle and the place you live in. An active lifestyle that involves regular exercise, field work, and constant exposure to the elements warrants daily washing to remove dirt, pollution, and grime. If you live in a humid place, you will need to wash more regularly than someone who lives in a cool place.

2. Use a towel to dry your hair

It can be tempting to use a hairdryer for drying your hair. However, if you want clean scalp, it’s best to towel-dry it by making gentle dabbing moves on your hair. Do not scrub or rub vigorously as you’ll cause breakage, ruin your hair’s strands, and irritate your scalp.

3. Use the right shampoo and conditioner

With the variety of products in the bath aisle of the supermarket, choosing your shampoo and conditioner can be confusing, which leads you to pick whatever first catches your eyes. However, in order to achieve clean scalp and hair, your product should also suit your hair type. For example, you need a sure-fire way dandruff control shampoo. CLEAR Men Deep Cleanse Shampoo and CLEAR Ice Cool Anti Dandruff Menthol Shampoo improve your scalp’s natural protection from dandruff-causing microbes.

4. Use conditioner to moisturize hair

Because shampoo strips hair of its natural oils that keep if from getting dull and dry, use conditioner on your hair and let it stay for at least 3 minutes. However, make sure to rinse it out completely; otherwise, its residue will irritate your scalp.

Clean scalp and hair are achievable with CLEAR.