The women's guide to clean scalp

How Women Can Achieve Healthy Scalp and the Shampoo for Women to Use

Ladies, get your daily rinse for a clean scalp.

Healthy Scalp

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    Get your daily rinse


    It’s perfectly understandable for busy women to skip a hair wash every now and then, especially when they’re too tired to let their hair dry before going to bed. Unfortunately, our hair accumulates a considerable amount of dust, dirt, and pollution in just a day, which can cause scalp irritation and dandruff. To keep dandruff and flaky scalp at bay, it’s best to wash your hair once a day. Achieve healthy scalp and stay fresh, clean, and confident. 

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    Plan your diet for your hair 


    There’s a saying that goes, ‘you are what you eat’. This means that your hair is an extension of you, so you should keep your diet in check to maintain a beautiful mane. Instead of crash dieting, consume more fresh fruits, green vegetables, and milk because these give essential nutrition for healthy scalp and hair. 

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    Don’t over-expose your hair to the sun


    Women have more delicate skin, which is why special care is taken to keep it looking pristine and healthy. This should be the same amount of care you give your hair and scalp, considering that your scalp is skin too. Leaving it exposed to the scorching sun will give you dry scalp and damaged hair. So the next time you’re out, make sure to wear a hat or use an umbrella to protect from the sun’s harmful rays. 

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    Use anti dandruff shampoo for flaky scalp


    Ordinary shampoo isn’t enough to combat dandruff. Use a good anti dandruff shampoo like CLEAR women shampoo to treat dandruff at its root. With every wash, you get flake-free hair that’s got nothing to hide.

    Achieve healthy scalp the easy and natural way. Beautiful and healthy scalp and hair have never been this achievable.