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CLEAR Deep Clean


Living the city life means being exposed to environment pollutants that build up dirt and grease, clogging the pores on your scalp and causing a greasy scalp. Get a thorough scalp detox and combat dandruff with CLEAR's deep cleansing hair shampoo.

What you really need is a good shampoo for greasy scalp to give you a thorough scalp detox that also combats dandruff. Introducing the new Bio-Booster, the best cleansing shampoo that uses an unbeatable technology that combines scalp and skin care with Guar BB18 to enhance distribution of the scalp's protective barrier, Niacinamide, to enable your scalp's natural defense molecules. It also has Amino Acid to keep your scalp moisturized and healthy, making it the best deep cleansing shampoo.

CLEAR Deep Clean Products

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