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How to treat dry scalp

How to Treat Dry Scalp

Transform your scalp from the Sahara to superb.

Dry Scalp

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How to treat dry scalp

What is Dry Scalp?

Since you can't see it, it can be tough identifying your scalp's type. However, a dry scalp usually comes with tightness, visible skin flaking, and itching. Read on to find out how to treat dry scalp and get the right scalp care treatment. 

dry scalp treatment

To target the treatment of dry scalp, try these recommended anti dandruff home remedies.


stay hydrated

Treating Dry Scalp 

1. Stay hydrated

We mentioned visible skin flaking as a sign of dry scalp, but are they directly correlated? The former, a skin condition known as dandruff, is just as common as dry scalp and can cause discomfort and cramp your confidence. Dry scalp happens when it loses too much moisture and becomes tight and may be due to factors like cold weather, dehydration, and excess hairstyling products.

But dandruff doesn't always signal dry scalp. Those annoying white flakes have a variety of causes and are largely associated with Malassezia, a yeast-like fungus that breeds on oily scalp areas. When your scalp’s natural protection gets weak, irritants made by Malassezia feed on the excess oil. This leads to inflammation and skin cells shedding faster than usual and results in dandruff.

avoid over styling

2. Avoid over-styling

If you love ironing, coloring, curling, or straightening your hair, then you might be guilty of over-styling. However, do take note that these are not the only things that can give you dry scalp but so do curlers, hairsprays, and blowdrying. So, it’s best to stay away from heat and go natural as much as possible. Try to be more creative by using bobby pins and accessories to doll up your hair. 

get right shampoo

3. Get the right shampoo

Using the wrong shampoo may worsen your scalp by stripping away any leftover oils and hasten the discomfort and dandruff. Boggled by the bath aisle's options? You could look at specially formulated shampoos like CLEAR women shampoo and CLEAR men menthol shampoo that nourish scalp 3 layers deep for a healthy scalp and great-looking hair.

Kick dry scalp off your worry list with these ways to treat dry scalp, and soon you'll be feeling fresh and looking fab from dusk to dawn because nothing makes for a better accessory than a gorgeous head of hair.