Scalp care for every season

Scalp Care For Every Season

Weather your hair and scalp from the storms.

Scalp Care

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    Shield Your Scalp From The Sun


    You've got your lipstick, mascara, and, most importantly, your sunscreen on. Good to go? Not so fast. Your scalp is skin too, and we know you neglect to shield it from prolonged sun-damage on bright, cloudless days. Grab a foldable umbrella or sun hat on your way out, and paint the town red with confidence knowing your hair and scalp are protected and kept in good condition.

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    Stay Protected From Pollution


    City ladies, this one's for you. Exhaust fumes and other air pollutants may render your scalp dry and itchy

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    Keep Your Scalp From Humidity’s Harm


    Admit it - you've made quick, convenient dashes under the rain. Standing under the pouring rain may also seem romantic, but you'll be surprised at how bad it is for your scalp - aside from the dirt and grime it leaves, your wet hair is susceptible to breakage as you continue through your day. So, don't forget your raincoat or umbrella, and while you're at it, use CLEAR to get well-protected scalp and hair.

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    Fend Your Hair Against Wind


    Humidity not only melts your makeup and leaves sweat patches on your best dresses, but also damages your hair and scalp. Hot, sticky and damp air causes vapor to be trapped in your scalp and hair, weighing your mane down and leaving it looking limp or frizzy. The solution? Use a CLEAR shampoo, which works to nourish and provide the right moisture, giving you bouncy hair and healthy scalp.