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Should men and women use the same shampoo

Clear Women And Clear Men Collection: Should Men and Women Use the Same Shampoo?

Before you use your partner’s shampoo, read this.

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Should men and women use the same shampoo?

So you got dandruff. It’s a common condition, making it likely that someone else in the household suffers from it too. You swipe their dandruff shampoo thinking it will end the condition, only to realize that it’s not solving the problem. But why is it not working? People of the opposite sex have different needs from yours, even if you all suffer from dandruff.

A good anti dandruff solution for men may not be a good anti dandruff solution for women. This is why CLEAR Anti Dandruff Philippines created both CLEAR Women and CLEAR men collection of shampoo to address every sex’s unique needs. 

dandruff treatment men vs female scalp

Male Vs Female Scalps

When it comes to scalp health, ladies are on a luckier streak. Studies have shown that the male scalp's protective layer is weaker than the female’s as it has lower levels of ceramides, making it more susceptible to protein loss – both of which are essential components to the scalp barrier.

Plus, men produce up to 60% more sebum than women. This adds up to males having a higher chance of developing excess oils, eventually leading to greasy scalp and hair.

On the flipside, females are more susceptible to dry scalp. Ladies, chemically-treating your hair may keep you looking hip and fresh every few months, but it also takes a toll on your hair by making it prone to dryness.

Got the facts down? Keep reading to see how both genders can effectively treat and eliminate dandruff.

clear men anti dandruff shampoo

Your Customized Anti Dandruff Solution

A good dandruff solution for women has to target a wide range of needs to match an equally vast array of styles and conditions, from cosmetic ones that provide shine and smoothness to damage-repair ones that relieve dryness and dandruff.  CLEAR Women has an anti dandruff shampoo for women that is specifically designed to meet these unique needs.

For the gentlemen out there, look for a product that is specially made for men. CLEAR men collection is a great place to start because it’s an anti dandruff solution for men with a variety of shampoo products specially formulated to treat the presence of excess grease and oil on the male scalp.

CLEAR Anti Dandruff Philippines has an array of products customized specifically to cater to men and women’s scalps, providing specially-formulated solutions to keep the scalp healthy and nourished while working to boost its fighting power to end recurring dandruff concern.

On your next trip to the store, be sure to source out a shampoo that suits your scalp to finally get rid of dandruff. Before you know it, you’ll be dandruff-free and walking with your head high, full of confidence.