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The 5 most surprising male scalp secrets

The 5 Most Surprising Secrets of Men's Scalp

We give you the facts that lie beyond your scalp's surface.

Anti-grease care

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If you’ve always thought that women and men’s scalps are the same, then you’re wrong. Men’s scalps are different from women’s. Here are other surprising secrets that you need to know, especially when it comes to hair care for men. 

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    You can’t use your girlfriend’s shampoo 

    Using your girlfriend’s shampoo can be both economical and convenient, and you surely are guilty of it. However, with men’s scalps being greasier than womens’, you need to give it specialized hair care to help deal with its own set of hair and scalp issues. CLEAR Men shampoo is the world’s no. 1 men shampoo that can soothe scalp and give anti-grease care. So stop using your girlfriend’s shampoo and take your scalp’s health into your own hands. Your scalp and hair problems deserve a dry hair solution for men. 

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    Scalp Care Means Skin Care

    So, you wash and exfoliate your skin regularly. What about your scalp? The patch on your head is an extension of your face, which means it has similar issues. While you just can’t slap on a face mask, there are other steps to take care of men’s scalps. CLEAR Men Philippines has anti dandruff shampoo for men that uses Niacinamide, a key ingredient in skin care. 

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    Dandruff is as common as a cold

    Don’t worry if you’ve got dandruff because aside from the fact that more than half of the population has it, there are already numerous anti dandruff home remedies in the market. Bust dandruff with the CLEAR men collection—shampoo that activates men’s scalps’ natural barrier and enables your scalp’s self-defense power to end recurring dandruff. 

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    Healthy scalp needs protein

    Hair is composed of 95% protein, so the lack of it can be detrimental. Good thing is that there are many ways for you to get your dose of protein like eating chicken, beef, eggs, and soy. Protein provides nourishment to maintain your hair and scalp’s strength. 

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    fresh fruits

    Men’s scalp would love twice the lather

    If you have a bit of extra time in the shower, why not lather your hair twice? First one is to get rid of excess oil and dirt, while the second one is to refresh the scalp by letting more nutrients work on it.

    So, give your scalp the true TLC it needs with the right men hair care routine.